Are Bespoke Italian Suits Worth Your Time and Money?

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Are Bespoke Italian Suits Worth Your Time and Money?
by Jamie Pallot, The Wall Street Journal
Mar. 14, 2014

What am I doing here?

That was the question I asked myself as I labored, for the umpteenth time, up the stairs to a tailor’s workshop off the Via Toledo in Naples. It was 9 a.m. on a sweltering morning in late June, and I was feeling hot, bothered and mildly resentful.

My clothes were stuck to my skin, my nerves reeling after a high-decibel standoff with a taxi driver and my brain stubbornly cycling through all the other ways I could have been spending the morning: relaxing on the balcony of my Gio Ponti-designed room at the Royal Continental Hotel, taking in the world-class art collection at the almost-deserted Capodimonte Museum or enjoying a high-speed ferry ride to one of the nearby islands with the prospect of lunch under a canopy of lemon trees. But no. My two friends and I were here to get suits made, dammit, and that’s what we were going to do.
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