Men’s Wear CEO Summit: Retail Opportunities

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Men’s Wear CEO Summit: Retail Opportunities
Men’s Week Issue, WWD
Apr. 7, 2011

Instead of buying the same old, same old, he’s seeking newness in fit and label, but he’s still holding back a bit and not purchasing at the same levels he did before the financial crisis.

That was the message from a roundtable on Retail Opportunities, which was moderated by Robert Burke, president and chief executive officer of Robert Burke Associates.

“The men’s business is coming back, but the customer has changed,” said Russ Patrick, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of men’s for Neiman Marcus Group. “He’s more thoughtful about his buying habits. He’s asking a lot more questions and is more educated and thoughtful about buying.” He said the customer is “demanding newness. The worst thing for him to see is what was there before.”

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