The ‘DB’ Returns, Fitter Than Ever

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The ‘DB’ Returns, Fitter Than Ever
by Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal
Feb. 2, 2012

Q: When will men’s double-breasted suits make a long-awaited comeback. What year? What season?

S.B., Chicago

A: In the menswear industry, it’s known simply as DB—an abbreviation retail buyers are using more often, as double-breasted suits are having a fashion moment. Of course, DBs won’t ever come close to upstaging the standard two-button or three-button suits. But amid the glut of casual menswear in the marketplace, it’s fun to watch DB suits gain new momentum.

DB is enjoying a celebrity tailwind, from Britain’s Prince William to Adam Levine, pop singer and coach on “The Voice,” who wears his DBs with a T-shirt instead of a shirt and tie. They join Colin Firth and Brad Pitt, DB billboards for designer Tom Ford. The look ran hot on the menswear runways last month in Milan at Zegna, Armani and Burberry—which showed a dandy fitted jacket featuring three rows of buttons and a notched lapel. Also influential: all those tweedy DBs on “Downton Abbey,” the hit PBS soap opera set in England in World War I.

Today’s take is decidedly narrower and more fitted than the drapey versions of the 1990s.


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