The Dress Shirt Has its Day

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The Dress Shirt Has its Day
by Ray A. Smith, The Wall Street Journal
Mar. 12, 2014

Women may have their shoes. But men have their shirts.

Thanks in part to a wave of dapper dressers in pop culture like James Bond and Don Draper, the men’s dress shirt is having its moment. Ray Smith takes a look inside the obsession, and dress-shirt aficionado Greg Root shares his perspective. Photo: “Mad Men”/AMC &”Casino Royale”/MGM.

Men can be a little obsessed with dress shirts, owning loads and geeking out on such details as stitching on buttons or cuffs, fabric weight, and how stiff a collar stands up when worn under a jacket or sweater without a tie. Some men say they’re just being practical: More shirts mean less laundry. Others just can’t help themselves.


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