Zegna’s new 13 Milmil 13 is available now as a limited edition collection

Posted on Jun 10, 2017 in Zegna | 1 comment

Zegna’s new 13 Milmil 13 is available now as a limited edition collection

With exclusive style, Zegna’s new 13 Milmil 13 is an extremely fine and precious fabric, produced in limited quantities for a limited time. It is the result of over a century of history and experience of the Ermenegildo Zegna.

Only a few hundred meters produced in the world for very few suits: 13 Milmil 13 is an exclusive textile with an incomparable silky and delicate feel; reserved for those who make elegance a lifestyle.

Touching is a unique sensation, wearing it is a privilege.


Its soft wool comes from the finest fleece in the world selected amongst the best Australian breeders. Great attention to every detail along the entire production line, aimed at emphasizing the fineness (13 microns) and the natural features of the long soft fibres, is ensured by the knowledge and skill of the Zegna’s workers handed down from generation to generation since 1910. From excellent raw materials to the most refined fabrics.


Ermenegildo Zegna is known across the globe as the suppliers and designers of the world most luxurious cloths, and 13Milmil13 is a true endorsement of the finest cloth they have.


This is an extraordinary cloth line made from a small amount of raw material from Australia, making it a very exclusive and limited edition collection. Don’t miss it.


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